Computing Simulations


A computer simulation is a program which attempts to mimic a real-life scenario.  This is different to a computer game which often has an imaginary setting and a quest to complete for fun.  Simulations allow for real life things to be tried which would otherwise be too difficult, dangerous or expensive to do.



Simple Simulations suitable for KS1


Balloon Race


Control a hot air balloon by using a burner and venting to make the balloon rise and fall to miss obstacles in it's path.


Google Maps Driving Simulator


A simple activity using Google Maps where children can control the car to drive on any street.


BBC Grow a Plant


A simple simulation looking at the effect that water and light have on growing plants.


Parking Simulator


Online parking challenges against the clock. Mind you don`t hit another car, and don't run over the dog!


Keeping Healthy


Keep Ben healthy by providing him with what he needs.






Trickier Simulations suitable for KS2


Stop Disasters


Scenarios include floods or earthquakes.  Prepare the village before disaster strikes by using monitoring devices, upgrading housing and providing evacuation systems. 


BBC Viking Simulation


Build a ship, loot a monastery and claim your prize.


Recycle City


Encourage Dumptown's citizens and businesses to recycle and reduce waste


Duck Builder


Requires an installation on the computer. 


Change the variables such as leg length or wing length and then see if the duck will fly.


Nasa Spacewalk


Requires an installation on the computer.


Conduct NASA repair work on the International Space Station. You will be tasked with jobs critical to help power up the space station so it can continue to operate.



Other Useful Simulations


Dice Simulator


A range of dice that can be rolled to give a total.


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